Slander Is Love

Slander Is Love


Too many bitches and not enough hoes.


You ever been dead in the middle of a perfectly innocent slander and see people rush to the podium, running off some holier than thou lines about how “Only God can judge”?  I mean that’s cool, but like… fuck that.  He can still cast that final vote, but I care enough about my fellow man to slander the fuck out of any action I feel might be a misrepresentation of their character.  Malice is never the intention…only trying to influence progression in our culture.

I’m lucky in the sense that I come from a good group of people that will broadcast any slip-up I make to a world of twitter assailants that have been sitting in their showers taking pictures in anticipation of a moment they could take part in a viral joke that might make SportsCenter.  This is the type of threat looming daily that motivates me to strive for excellence…  If everyone were fortunate enough to have friends such as mine the world would finally be liberated of atrocities such as jean shorts and male fedoras.

Slander is commonly mistaken for hate or insensitivity… this is FAR from accurate.  Slander is a necessary evil and with the right perspective can even translate to caring.  If you’ve ever had your mentions filled with waves of shirtless men wearing ACG’s and women who would cosign their own father’s homosexuality for a retweet, you’d understand how quickly this pain can divert your behavior.  Bet you wish someone had slandered you out of swagging out that 4x tee with the oversized fitted and Nextel chirp clipped to your…nvm… shit just got personal.

None of this is to say you should give in to any potential slander on the horizon, but if you are aware of all the angles you will know exactly how to combat or even preempt it.


If you have added your BBM code to your Twitter or Facebook profile, I’m quite sure you’re either [A] A man who has raped before and will again… soon, or [B] The type of hoe that will go out of her way to acquire new dick between every commercial break during Basketball Wives. The mere prospect of slander should have diverted you from even mentioning that you were in possession of a Blackberry… unless maybe you were laying the foundation for a believable backstory that would prevent potential robberies by proving you were already teeth deep in struggle.  These are the same principles that should be applied to those openly declaring to the public that their cell phone service is provided by T-Mobile…  Would you tell people about the bitch that provided you aids?

Throughout the history of slander ( whether it’s going in at the barbershop, or Presidential debates ) the mere fact that the conversations are open provides the necessary platform for evolution.  Without slander, we wouldn’t have ever got The Blueprint.  It took Nas to provide a legitimate dash toward the throne for Jay to finally ascend to the potential we all thought him capable of.  Without slander, Kanye West doesn’t become a worldwide entity, and instead is somewhere on the Southside of Chicago doing skip spins around his baby mother because she thought it was sweet that Taylor Swift got a VMA. I mean, at some point they thought pink polo’s would hurt the Roc.  Without slander Drake doesn’t make a record like “Headlines” … SOMEONE told him he fell off… and Ooo… he needed that.  Hats off to those slanderers.

Let me pose this question as reinforcement;  Without slander do you really think we’d have things like central air or leather interior?

No.  We as people are always striving for new ways to separate ourselves from the common man and when those ways become common we slander them until they are the new PC and then proceed to indulge in our Mac products.   Slander is the foundation of technology, capitalism, and America… Okay… I might have OD’d a bit, but when J Cole becomes great… you will know what is to thank.

Im out tho… I got mad important shit I gotta go do like find a good playlist name to hide all these Frank Ocean songs under in my iPod.

~ dugb

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