Keep It 140

Keep It 140


I never could see why people would reach a fake-ass façade that they couldnt keep up

 ~ Kanye West


People have been doing entirely too much way before Ray J had seven Maybachs full of MoneyTeam soldiers lined up out front eagerly awaiting their capo’s order to suck each and every enemy dick. Don’t blame Moesha’s lil bro for his actions. Don’t blame Curtis. Don’t you DARE blame cocaine. This is a manifestation of where we are in society today… We did this. We knew this extra shit was coming the minute Lady Gaga had bitches in the hood thinking bout crafting entire ensemble’s comprised of meat they “hook-up” provided out the back of an Arby’s.

In a world where everything has been done, it seems as if people are struggling with the pressure of finding innovative ways to leave an impression. Attempts ARE being made tho. I’m not quite sure how someone is going to compete with Tunechi’s Shawn Michaels tights, but one thing I do know is you can bet Rick Ross is in a Tinychat room right now with Viscera, Mark Jacobs, and NASA ironing out the details. With this sort of precedent being set by the people we elect to represent our culture, what are we going to do with the “regular Joe” who now thinks he can multiply his wardrobe x2 by dating a girl that wears his size?

Don’t miss the point. The coolest thing you could ever do is be you. That’s the only thing no one else can be. Sometimes the less you do the more it shows. You don’t have to be a better rapper than Jay, better dresser than ye’, and pull more bitches than Trey.


If you have been hearing about the buzz homie from your neighborhood that does stand-up comedy been building…show up to his shows! Pay the $35 for the ticket, and allow yourself to be entertained. He is demonstrating to the world what your town is capable of producing. DO NOT however under any circumstances; sit at the table with the same girl whose Facebook wall you been marking up with “hey boo” all week, and get jealous DameFK is making her weak. The subsequent rant that ensues about how his 8th grade sweetheart thought you were the funniest kid in the city when you were 13 is not a good look. You’re doing too much boi boi. Keep it 140.

Read a blog that you really enjoy? Show love b. Tell your moms, AND sisters how dope I am. Don’t tell me how you would of did shit. For all I know you could be on the other end of that tweet wearing a pair of Timberland boots and European cut underwear.  That’s not something I’m comfortable with. I don’t show up at the Ford dealership and tell you how to put that A.D.D. shorty in the Focus right? Okay, so don’t assume you can do my job.

YOUR actions should be an organic response to YOUR desires. Follow YOUR interests. They will lead you to all the right places, with all the right people. Following followers is a sure fire way to get you an iPod play list full of Mac Miller songs, a bunch of lonely nights spent trying to get celeb retweets, and a girlfriend that you should definitely tell about my blog. If you can’t find inspiration in the people you’re around… you need some new people. If the people you’re around don’t find inspiration in you… tell them about my blog.

You should never do anything that requires an explanation. That in itself is too much. I don’t want to hear you justify talking to that underage girl on Words With Friends by saying “She was playing grown games.” You’re a pedophile dog. Also, on a personal note, I don’t want to hear you’re reasoning behind any use of emoji. Not if you call yourself a heterosexual male… that shits extra… extra gay. No pause will retrieve you from the depths of which you’ve got yourself muted. It’s cute when girl’s got a koala bear floating around my timeline. You applying make-up to your tweet… not so much.

Okay, Im out tho… I got mad important shit I gotta go do like find an upper strong enough to keep me up through the entirety of this J. Cole album. Any suggestions @ me.