MTV2 Hottest MC’s In The Game 2012

Welp there you have it folks.  Over the the course of the last few years we’ve had the challenge of trying to tolerate the ever so debated and headache inducing, “MTV2’s Hottest MC’s In The Game” list.  We all know this list is a load of steaming dog shit.  It’s MTV.  What else did you expect?  But instead of bashing the network or the MC’s on the list, I’ll just let you guys have at it.

No Kendrick, A$AP, or K.R.I.T.?!

What’s your list?  Add, subtract and rearrange.  Take it to the comments.

#10 Wale
#9 Wiz Khalifa
#8 Big Sean
#7 Meek Mill
#6 Jay-Z
#5 Lil Wayne
#4 Nicki Minaj
#3 Kanye West
#2 Drake
#1 Rick Ross