Subtle Tones

Subtle Tones

*iPhone owners only

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of minimalism.  Less is more.  This applies to my phone as well.  From the homescreen to the noises it makes (if any).  The following is a small collection of the very best notification tones the internets have to offer any one who cares about these minoot details of subtle sound.  These are the type that won’t scare you or draw attention to your pocket in the grocery store.

Depending upon which version of iTunes you have, you’re going to have to make sure the side bar is visible.  If you have the newest version (11), go up to “View” and click “Show Sidebar”.  Get back to the folder that contains the folder ‘tones’ and drag that sucker into your music library if you don’t already have a ‘Tones’ category in your Library.  All you have to do now is plug in your phone and drag them suckers from ‘Tones’ over to your phones icon in the sidebar.


I do not remember where I had acquire these from, so by all means, if you are the owner, leave a comment and I will give the credit due.